Navigating Dataverse - 2024 Update

 In 2021, I wrote a series of blog posts on how to navigate up and down a chain of Dataverse tables

At the time, finding the related parent or child records was straightforward using dot notation, but finding more distant relatives was do-able but more complicated. Now I’m really pleased to say that Microsoft have made big improvements

Below is the table structure I used in the blog posts at the time, and I’ll use it again now

dataverse navigation

Identifying Parent & GrandParent Records

Let’s first look at navigating up a series of related tables

To find the Region for a particular County, simply use dot notation to traverse the Lookup column to access the parent table


You can also easily identify the Country by extending the dot notation a table further


Even finding the Great-GrandParent isn’t a problem


In fact you can navigate up a relationship chain through as many tables as necessary using dot notation 

Identifying Children and Grand-Children

Navgating down a table relationship chain is straightforward too

To identify all child records, for example, all the countries in Europe


And all the Regions in Europe would be


But 2 levels is the maximum number of tables that can be reached navigating down a chain


Microsoft have made Dataverse table navigation a whole lot easier

You can navigate up a relationship chain as many times as required

You can navigate down a relationship chain two levels

Use of dot notation is fully delgable

Thank you Microsoft!

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