When retrieving rows using Power Automate, by default the number of rows returned is limited to a maximum of 5000 for Dataverse and 100 for SharePoint


To increase the limit for Dataverse, turn on the pagination feature from Settings


In Threshold, enter the maximum number of rows required


Within the flow, this number is rounded up to the next multiple of the default. The default is 5,000 so if you enter 7,000, the number of rows that will be returned is up to a maximum of 10,000


Select the action depending on whether you are working with a list or a library

The ‘Get items’ action is used with lists, whereas the ‘Get files’ action only works with libraries

For either of these actions, the default maximum row limit is 100. If you are working with large lists or libraries, you can increase the limit for both up to the SharePoint view threshold of 5,000

To do this, expand the Advanced options, and specify the number in the Top Count action property


And that’s it.  Usually, the default number of rows is adequate for most purposes, but if not, this is how to increase it


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