Do you want to add emojis in canvas apps or add a special Unicode character to draw attention to a particular section of content?  If so, read on to find out how this can be easily done


An emoji is simply a Unicode character and so can be easily added to a Canvas App and there are 2 ways to do this

Add an Emoji to a Label

Simply copy the emoji and paste into the Text property of the Label as below

enoji in a lavel

Add an Emoji to a HTML box

To include in a HTMLtext box, obtain the 6 digit Dec number of the character and add a ‘&#’ prefix  together with a ‘;’ suffix

Other Unicode Characters

Many of the huge list of emoji and Unicode characters can be used to improve the look and feel of a canvas app to create eye catching bullet points or icons.  Icons can also be added to a button

Additionally if you need to use a special character that isn’t available directly from the keyboard, it can be added in the same way

Non-Visual Unicode Characters

There are also non-visible Unicode characters that are also very useful.  A useful example and one that I use frequently is the Line Feed character, that moves all subsequent text to a new line.  This is useful if you are inserting dynamic text into a Label and need to separate content onto more than one line.   Line Feed is denoted by Char(10) and can be concatenated as below 


There are lots of online resources.  The 3 sites below are particularly useful as they display the full set of emojis and Unicode characters

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